Crossbow Horse Shooter Turns Himself In to Police

Fannie Bay Equestrian Club,in Darwin, Australia, posted a series of photos on 11 October 2017 that show one of it horses with two crossbow bolts buried in its side.  The post went viral and people all across the world are outraged about the horse shooter. Unfortunately the horse had to be put down. According to the Vet who operated, one of the bolts broke off in side and did irreparable damage.


A few days later  workers at the ranch discovered another horse had also been targetedby the horse shooter. A horse named Hollywood Hitman had a puncture wound in its right flank but the bolt had fallen. The horse was treated and is expected to make a full recovery.

According to Yahoo 7, On Friday, NT Police said a 17-year-old male handed himself in to the Darwin Police Station in relation to the “incident involving animal cruelty in Fannie Bay.”

“Upon completion of the interview, the youth was released,” a statement read.

“In line with the Youth Justice Act, he will be considered for youth diversion on weapons and animal cruelty charges.”

“The alleged weapon has since been seized by police.”

The police did not release the name of the perpetrator. I would imagine because of all the publicity and out rage this incident has caused. They did it for his own safety.

In a statment on their Facebook page Fannie Bay Equestrian Club issued the following statement.

Dear friends of FBEC

Our club is grateful for the efforts of police in the last few days. They have been working hard on this and we thank them.

We understand police have taken all offenders into custody and that they will be dealt with under the NT Youth Justice Act.

It is our sincere hope that the legal repercussions for these offenders are appropriately harsh, provide some level of justice for poor Pearly, Hollywood and our community, and that the prosecution of these crimes will act as an effective deterrent for such horrific attacks in the future.

The attacks on wallabies overnight highlight the fact that security is still a concern at East Point, and that there is a serious animal welfare problem in the area.

We have already taken some action to increase surveillance at our property.

We think there is a case to be made that more security is required at East Point more broadly – not just for the sake of the horses but the wallabies and birds as well.

As a club we are still grieving.

I am glad the kid was caught and I hope he receives a just punishment. to read the complete press release click HERE