How Much is Your Deer Worth? Exotic Meat Prices

Hunters eat better then any one else in the world. We get to eat the best meat available, but have you ever wondered what it would cost to buy that same meat in the store? Yes, I know it is not exactly the same. There is absolutely no way you could replace the satisfaction of harvesting your own food. Also, there is no way to put a price tag on the adventure of getting it. But is you are curious here is what just the meat costs.

Exotic Meat Market out of Las Vegas offers quite the smorgasbord of meat, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Based on these prices I can not imagine any one buying it. They must cater to rich people who want to serve a novelty item at their next dinner party. I started with some of the normal animals and it just gets weirder the farther down you go.


I know a lot of you have a freezer full and you really are sitting on a gold mine. Look at these prices.

Ground Elk: $9.99 per pound

Filet Mignon: $49.99  for two 8 oz steaks

Elk Tenderloin:  $79.99 for 2 lbs.



The deer they offer is farm raised in New Zealand, and I am sure it is very different from the Whitetail or Mule deer we hunt, but this is the best comparison I could find.

Venison Short Ribs: $19.99 for two pounds

Venison Hotdogs: $29.99 For a 10 Pack

Venison Backstrap: $199.99 for  4-6 lbs



I have watched a ton of Swamp people. I guess this is one of their customers.

Alligator Sirloin Meat: $14.99 –1 Lb.

Alligator Tenderloin : $24.99 – 1 Lb.

Whole Alligator: $299.99 – Average Weight 16 to 20 Lbs.


According to the website:  Exotic Meat market Offers Wild Bobcat Meat legally trapped here in the USA during the trapping season. Bobcats are trapped for their fur and Bobcat meat is by-product of our trapper.

Bobcat Smoked Sausage: $19.99 for 1 lbs.

Bobcat Hind Leg : $199.99 – Average Weight 5 Lbs. and up



Now things are getting weird. How many thousands of dollars do predator hunter throw away every year this is crazy.

Coyote Stew Meat: $49.99 – 16 Ozs.

Coyote Smoked Sausage: $89.99 – 5 Lbs.



Have you ever wanted to try Americas largest rodent? Well you are in luck and for your convenience they sell every part of the beaver.

Beaver Testicles: $19.99 – 1 Set

Beaver Tail: $49.99 per Tail

Beaver Hind Legs – Bone In : $149.99 – 3 to 4 Lbs.



This blew my mind. Where I hunt I could limit out very easily. I can not believe these tree rats cost so much.

Squirrel Meat: $99.99 – 1 Squirrel



This raises some questions. Why in the world would anyone pay to eat one of these and why does a opossum tail cost more then a beaver tail?
Opossum Tail: $59.99
Opossum Meat : $49.99– 1 Whole Animal


They claim that it is a delicacy in Mexico, but I heard they can carry leprosy, so besides the price that is another reason to hold off.
Armadillo Shell: $29.99 – 1 Shell
Armadillo Testicles: $49.99 – 1 Pair

Armadillo : $349.99 Average Weight 13 to 15 Lbs.

I will just stick to hunting. These prices are crazy. They have a lot of other crazy meats for sale, like camel, turtle, racoon, and Guinea pig, so defiantly check out the website.