How Much Venison Hunters Donate and the Impact It Has On the Community

Hunters generally take pride in sharing their harvest with others. Hunters donate a lot of meat to food banks and church kitchens. I have done some research to find out what the real impact hunter donations truly have on the community.

Hunters kill around 6.5 million white tailed deer every year. That breaks down to around 400,000,000 lbs of meat annually. That much meat will provide around 1.6 billion meals worth around $6.5 billion. Utilizing this natural resource is crucial for our health and economy.

Most deer meat is eaten by the hunters and their family, but the untold story is how much we give away. An average of 2.8 million lbs of meat is given to shelters, food banks, and church kitchens to help the less fortunate. This provides healthy protein to the people who have the hardest time getting it. Every year 11 million meals are provided to the needy from hunters donating venison.

here are the top 5 states for venison donations Virginia 405,000 lbs Iowa 312,000 lbs Missouri 237,000 lbs Texas 214,000 lbs Ohio 180,000 lbs

This is really good information to arm yourself with. As a hunter many people ask if we eat the meat. We can respond proudly that we do, and donate millions of meals to the less fortunate as well. Sharing this with our family and friends will help them to see one more benefit of hunting, and help to preserve it for generations to come.