How This Coyote Got Stuck In A Power Line

There is a lot of confusion as to how animals can get stuck in power lines. Recently a picture of a coyote being stuck in power lines went viral. There are many misconceptions about why this happens that I will clear up. Many people jump to the conclusion that an eagle picked it up and dropped it. There is one big problem with this theory. I have pictures of a bull moose and a Goat stuck in power lines. unless a pterodactyl is flying around this can not be true.

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In order to understand how this happens, we must first understand how power lines are put up. Giant drums of wire are unloaded from a truck and connected to the first tower. They are then pulled loosely between the subsequent towers. Many times they will be laying on the ground. This leaves miles of wire laying on the ground for animals to get tangled in. With the Moose his antlers were caught because it was during the rut, and he was thrashing the wires. In this case with the coyote he was probably hunting mice by the wires. Wires are then pulled tight, and sometimes catch animals. This is rare, but it does happen occasionally.

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I write about these occurrences a couple times per year. The only push back I have gotten is from people asking why humans have never been caught in wires like this. It is because we have brains and we know what these power lines are. This makes it easy for the dumbest humans to stay away. Animals do not understand what power lines are and use them as like natural habitat.