How to Make a Homemade Salt Block

Deer season can get expensive, so I am always looking for ways to cut costs. One way I have found is making my own mineral licks.

Store-bought licks can cost up to $12 for a 4lbs brick. Let’s say you have 4 stands that you want salt at that is $50 for 16 lbs after you add in taxes. With this recipe, you can get twice as much salt for about half the cost.

Homemade Deer Salt Block:

1 Gallon Milk Jug
6 lbs Table Salt
6 Oz cheap Pancake Syrup.

Add Salt to Jug add 6 Oz (ONLY) more and it won’t set up ) Pancake Syrup. And let sit undisturbed for 7 days. Lid off.
It will turn into a solid block. Take to the woods and cut the bottom off the jug and slide out.

The salt and sugar react turning rock hard

Super simple recipe and really cheap. it becomes even cheaper buying in bulk

So for around $30, you can have 25 pounds worth of salt blocks.