Hundreds of Pounds of Deer Meat Wasted By Processor

When hunters drop their deer meat off at the processors, they expect it to be returned, but it looks like a bunch of hunters are out of luck after the processor they chose abruptly closed down and discarded their meat.

According to East Texas Matters, 4J Processing in Longview Texas, formally know as Skinners Meat Processing Co. closed their doors abruptly after an inspection by the city and game wardens. They discovered permit issues and a few “undisclosed issues.”

After doing some digging it seems like the “Undisclosed issues” probably stem from a freezer not working.

According to a review by Darcy Lee posted on their Facebook page:

“This place is a joke. I hope they get separate fines for all 60 deer they let ruin because “they didn’t know the freezer wasn’t working” I also hope this ruins their future business. People work very hard to harvest deer and go hunting. We had 3 deer there (thankfully ours were not ruined) but now no other processing company will take them because of what this company has done.”

4J Processing, formally know as Skinners Meat Processing Co.

So now the processor has been shut down and hundreds of pounds of meat have been wasted, and the hunters that dropped off meat are left wondering what to do.

An out of luck hunter told the news station “I find out about this shutdown today. Apparently, if your cooler’s in the back, your meat’s discarded, so, there are about 200 coolers back there.”

Behind the processing building is a storage room stacked to the brim with cooler with people’s names on them and according to the reporter the stench was overwhelming.

Hopefully, the company will be fined and be forced to make things right with the hunters whose meat they let spoil. If a hunter wastes meat they can be prosecuted under wanton waste laws, maybe the processor should be held to the same standard.