How to Hunt Rabbits without Dogs


Deer season is over, but there is still hunting to be done. Where I come from January and February are for rabbits. Nothing is better then fresh snow, a few buddies, and cottontails. It is some of the funnest times you will ever have.

A lot of rabbit hunters use dogs to chase the rabbits but they are not necessary. We did a short tutorial on how we hunt rabbits in Ohio with out using dogs. It really is not that hard but it is a lot of work.

Here are some tips to remember when you go out.

Hunting by yourself can be tough, we usually prefer 3 to 5 hunters.

Always know where the other hunters are and where you can safely shoot.

You will need to find good rabbit habitat. They like the thickest nastiest brush on the property. Fence rows, brier patches, and brush pile are perfect for rabbits to hide in.

If there is fresh snow tracks and dropping are good indicators a rabbit is in the area. If there is no snow it is harder to narrow down areas so you have to check everywhere.

Position yourself  on the left and right of the habitat and send a driver through the middle. His job is to stomp on all the brush and thick stuff he can find and try and jump the rabbit.

Rabbits are fast so you need to be on your toes and be ready for a quick shot.

We break it down further in this short video