679 lbs Black Bear at 5 yards with .357 Handgun

Opening day of Pennsylvanian’s black bear season is one Jordan Tutmaher will never forget. He got up close and personal with a giant black bear. He sealed the deal at 5 yards with a .357 handgun. That is a little to close for comfort.

According to Guns.com, The fourth largest bear taken so far in the season was a 679-pound male. That bear  was reportedly shot at just 5 yards with a .357 Magnum handgun.  Jordan M. Tutmaher, of Warren, took the animal on opening day in Farmington Township as “the bear appeared in a drive of a Christmas tree patch.”

1,241 black bears were taken Saturday, according to preliminary totals released Monday by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. With the largest being a 704 pounds monster that was taken in Clearfield County, by Mickey L. Moore, of Clearfield.

Congratulations Jordon on the awesome bear and the amazing story that went along with it.