Hunter Confronted and Harassed by Crazy Man and Crying Kid (VIDEO)

A Long Island, New York hunter was harassed by a man when he showed up to a new hunting spot. He got out of his truck dressed in camo and was immediately confronted by a crazy man.

The hunter did the right thing and called the New York Department of Conservation. While he was waiting for them to show up the man and a kid confronted the hunter again this time with a kid. The hunter was able to catch the whole incident on video.

The hunter posted the story and video to social media.

Hello, my Names Dominick Lobifaro I went hunting Sunday afternoon at a new spot in Long Island NY, I called dec last year to make sure it was legal to hunt. I got out of the truck in camo and was immediately attacked by this guy in the yellow shirt. I was not videoing at the time he basically told me there’s no hunting allowed here and he called the cops. I told him no problem I’m calling dec and I sat in my car and did that. 10 minutes later he came outside while we were waiting for DEC and the local police. I then started the video. Before the video started the kids were just playing they had no clue about anything. The guy in yellow came out and told them I’m gonna kill all the deer. Then they started coming over and I started the video. Dec came and told him I’m doing everything legal and the state land is as much mine as it is his to use and basically to grow up.
Hunters instagram. @noochstagram also Follow @Kill_Shot_Archery

This hunter did everything you are supposed to do in situations like this. Allow the Game Warden to do their job and sort things out.