Hunter Drops Charging Boar at Point Blank Range {VIDEO}

Hunting wild boar can be really intense. They are fast, mean, and if you are not careful they can really mess you up. So you need to have your head on a swivel and be ready at all times.

This hunter gets pretty lucky. The boar get super close before he is able to down it with two well-placed shots. There are two views in the video, one an action cam and the other from a guy standing behind the shooter.

The first view he looks close but it is not until you watch the second angle that realizes just how close it comes to him. He had to back up at least ten feet so the pig would not overrun him.

I think I would have to change my shorts after an encounter like this.

This video was posted on Facebook by Collar the Dogs, an Australian hunting dog group. I do not think they are the original video belongs to them. There is a Instagram tag for hunting_hunter_best, but I dont think it’s their viseo either.

It appears to have been filmed in Turkey based on the flag in the upper right corner. No matter where it came from it is one of the most intense wild boar hunting videos I have ever seen.