Hunter Killed in Horrific Accident

horrific accidentI want to ask all hunters to hold up the family of Jared Windler. Jared was killed in a horrific accident while he was hunting in Ashtabula, Ohio.

According to the Star Beacon, Windler’s friend climbed into a hunting tree stand around 6 a.m. and pulled a muzzleloading rifle up the tree on a rope.

Windler was at the base of the tree when the rifle discharged and shot him in the left of his forehead. He was killed instantly and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tom Despenes, an investigator with the Ashtabula County Coroner’s office believes this is an accident. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is investigating this incident further.

Please remember that family in your prayers and remember to always be safe. It only takes a quick lapse in judgment to change your life forever. Never take things for granted and think it won’t happen to you.

As hunters we feel the loss of every member of our brotherhood. It is sad to see one go in a horrific accident.