Hunter Kills 36 Point Cactus Buck

Cactus buck syndrome is a condition where antlers never loose their velvet and never stop growing. It is usually caused by a hormone imbalance caused by damaged testicles.  A deer with Cactus Buck syndrome can grow  really weird looking racks. Just look at this buck killed in Mississippi.

Stan Ethredge arrow this crazy looking 36 point giant on his own property this past week. He had been watching this deer for the past few years and was defiantly happy to shoot it.

“I’ve been getting pictures of him for at least four years now. He was a big six point four years ago. He dropped his antlers and grew six points again. After the second year he was a 6-point, I figured that was all he was going to be. I figured he was a good cull buck, but I never got a shot at him. I just got pictures.”

Last October he noticed something strange with the buck. He never lost his velvet and his antlers kept growing. He developed a droptine and some stickers. Ethridge had an encounter with the buck that season but was unable seal the deal. The bucks antlers continued to grow all year and this hunting season he was a crazy looking monster.

Ethridge took take a vacation day on 20 October and it that would end up being a good choice.

“I decided to hunt that evening because the deer thought I was at work,” Ethredge said. “It was about dark and a doe stepped out. She walked toward me and he stepped out. He got about 30 yards from me. I was telling my self to keep my composure. My heart was beating out of my chest.”

“As soon as I got the crosshairs on him, I shot,” Ethredge said. “He’s eluded me for years, so I didn’t want to let him get away. I shot him as soon as I got the chance. I felt pretty good about the shot. He turned and ran away the way he came. I sat there a while and it was the longest hour of my life.”

“I started blood-trailing him and the blood got better,” Ethredge said. “I got about 75 yards and there he was.

“The first thing I did was thank God. It was amazing. There was just unbelievable stuff on his head. He had a couple of really big drop tines.”

 The buck had 36 points and a 16-inch spread. He measured 227⅜ inches according to the Buckmasters scoring system.

When Ethridge examined the buck manhood he discovered that the deer,s balls had not dropped. Where the testicles should have been was just a small bulge, which is typical of Cactus Buck Syndrome.

That truly is one freak nasty of a deer, Congratulations

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