Hunter Kills 7ft Long Monster Pig

For a wild pig to break 300 is not unheard of but also not very common. Most adult male pigs average around 200 lbs and females around 150. So when a true monster gets shot everyone takes notice.

According to CBS Dallas, Tyler Mitchell of Stephenville, Texas put down a monster 7 foot 363 pig on a ranch he was hunting. It took Tyler three shots from his 6.5 Grendel AR-15 rifle to bring it down.

“I would presume he was looking for sows to breed. I made a short stalk and got to within roughly 80-100 yards before shooting three times before the boar fell.” said Tyler. “It wasn’t until I actually walked up to him that I realized how large he was. I then called a friend to come help me load it.”

This is not the first 300 pounder Tyler has shot but it is by far the biggest.