Hunter Kills Huge Coyote

In the last 50 years, coyotes have migrated east and now occupy every state east of the Mississippi. Most coyotes weigh around 30 lbs. but every now and then one grows to such a size that it completely dwarfs the norm.

According to Fox 10, a hunter in Alabama killed a 60-pound coyote in an area where most barely weight 30 pounds.

Ryan Watson was in a tree stand in some woods when the unusually large coyote appeared. 

“It looked like a wolf to start with,” Watson said. “It had a massive thick neck on him and a big head. I never knew they got that big.”

Watson said he almost missed it but was able to get his gun up just in time, and as soon as the massive coyote looked at him and he fired his shot. 

Genetics testing is unlikely, but a wildlife expert says the animal’s size could be attributed to a mutation, abnormally large food supply, or it is half-coyote, half-dog. Basically, it could be the Shaqual O’Neal of coyotes.

The largest coyote ever on record in the United States weighed in at 75 pounds, so this one is not a record but still a very large specimen.