Hunter life-flighted after having his face ripped off by a deer

Vincent Saubion was airlifted to a hospital for surgery after deer attacked him. Saubion was hunting red stag in Lesperon, France, when the 330 lb deer smashed into him. Saubion said, ” I felt drunk after the impact. It took half my face off.”

The 36-year-old was hunting with his buddy, who was able to perform first aid until a helicopter could get to him. Local reports are saying he had 50 stitches.

No bones were broken in Saubion’s face, and he is expected to make a full recovery. he told local reporters later that day that ‘ I feel as good as I can be.’

Saubion plans to continue hunting after he recovers. “I am still crazy about hunting.” he added, ” I have nothing but respect for the game and the owners who let us hunt on their grounds.”

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