Hunter Makes Dentures out of Deer Teeth

This is perhaps the most epic and bizzar hunting story of all time. A lot of hunters talk about trying to use the entire animal but this story really takes the cake. Who would have thought you could make dentures out of deer teeth?

According CBC News, Francis Wharton was far from civilization when he found himself needing a pair of dentures. Wharton, a resourceful hunter and inventor, who lived near Little Fort B.C. in the 1950s and 60s, shot a deer and used its teeth to make dentures for himself.

And now it gets really strange, He then ate the deer with its own teeth. Yes you read that right he ate the deer with it own teeth.

“He made a nice little set of teeth for a full upper denture,” said Kathy Karkut, collections manager at the Museum of Health Care in Kingston, which now has Wharton’s teeth on display.

“I think he was just an unusual man. He was quite proud of his ingenuity, and he didn’t need to go pay for dentures like everybody else.”

To make the dentures he filed down the deer teeth and set them in a plastic wood base securing them with household cement.

He used the teeth for three years before retiring them. Karkut discribed the teeth as “loose, dark¬† and dirty.” and speculated that he used a lot of Polident.

B.C. Dental Association spokesman Dr. Bruce Ward says he can’t even count the number of things wrong with the story of Francis Wharton, but says there’s still something impressive about it.

“To try and get a set of dentures to fit the mouth is hard in the first place. … I can’t imagine making them [with deer teeth]. This guy must have been brilliant,” he said.

“I don’t think going out and killing a deer and making your own dentures is a really viable option these days,” he said. “I would not recommend it.”