Hunter Mauled by Wounded Black Bear

A cardinal rule of approaching a downed animal is to make sure it fact expired. This is  especially true if it is dangerous game. A California hunter learned this important lesson the hard way, when he approached a black bear he recently shot with his bow.

According to Fox News, that an unidentified bow hunter suffered serious injuries during the mauling Aug. 24 in the San Bernardino Mountains. Apparently he shot the bear from a tree stand and went to investigate. He approached the downed animal and was attacked.

The man suffered injuries to his upper torso and face .A hunter, who spoke to Eyewitness News off camera, said the man mauled by the black bear is an experienced hunter who made a costly mistake. He said his friend didn’t wait long enough after striking the bear.

Hunters who hunt bears with bows in California are currently not allowed to carry a gun. All Firearms are strictly prohibited. Currently, a petition allowing hunters to carry a sidearm for self-defense is under consideration by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“Approaching an animal that’s injured can be dangerous or can at least put that animal in a position where it’s going to forcibly defend itself thinking it’s under threat,” said Patrick Foy, with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“Bear attacks are really, really rare. We’ve had incidents – even recent incidents – where a bear did come into physical contact with a young guy who was camping. We’ve had a few cases over the last few years of bears, but nothing to this degree,” Foy said.

Over all hunting is a very safe sport, but things do happen. Please be careful when you go a field, and remember safety first. Hopefully the hunter makes a speedy recovery and others can learn from his costly mistake.