Hunter Pays a Record $110,000 For Markhor Tag

Bryan Kinsel Harlan paid $110,000 for a Markhor tag and killed this beautiful billy

The Astor markhor, also known as the screw horned mountain goat, is one of the most expensive tags out there. The animal is located in and around Pakistan and typically a tag will run you tens of thousands of dollars.

According to Fox News, a new record was set when a hunter from Texas paid $110,000 for a markor tag. The tag was part of a conservation program that is one of the most successful programs in the world.

Bryan Kinsel Harlan, the founding partner of Benchmark Mortgage, traveled to Pakistan and filled his tag taking this beautiful animal. Not only did he get his trophy but he also helped ensure these animal will be around for future generations.

For decades markhors have been the target of poachers, this leading a crash in their population, in 2011 only 2,500 remained. After Pakistan instituted regulated hunting as their conservation plan, the markhor population has increased prompting the reclassification of the species from “endangered” to “near-threatened.”

Markhors are the national animal of Pakistan

It is not surprising regulated hunting gave local villagers incentive to protect the animal. Before the conservation plan the markhor was worth its weight in meat. Now a trophy bull will bring in $100,000 with 80% of the revenue going to the local village. The other 20% goes to a wildlife fund that benefits all animals.

“What has happened in this Astor markhor hunt is a prime example of what happens when a hunter and a village come together with a common understanding of conservation. And as that happens, it reduces the poaching and – something that is often overlooked – the amount of wages that are brought to that hunt, the amount of food, and the amount of foreign investment,” Bryan Kinsel Harlan added.

The Astor Markhor is another shining example of why hunting is conservation. Without hunting the animal would be in a lot worse shape then it is now.