Hunter Receives Backlash after Killing “Pet” Piebald

A semi-tame piebald deer was killed by a hunter in West Virginia and the general public is not taking it well. The deer had been semi-living with a veterinarian and upon discovering the hunter’s photo’s with the deer he posted the following story on Facebook.

I am the veterinarian that raised this deer as a fawn. Skip came to me with injured limbs and was abandoned by the doe. Yes, he wasn’t “ normal-looking” with his undershot jaw and Roman nose, but he deserved a chance and I gave it to him. He was going on 4 years old, lived with my goats for 9 months of the year and came back to visit during the rut. He came and went anytime he wanted. He had his own stall in the barn that was open for him to come and go. Yes, he did wear an orange color and had orange dye on his rump! This was for all of the ethical hunters out there, hoping they would show him some compassion and enjoy looking at this oddity. Yes, I’m sure this was a legal kill. I’m sure he walked right up to the “hunters” as they pulled the trigger! He will be missed. RIP Skip. Please share!” – Paul G. Gunnoe

Although there is no proof that the hunt was illegal or that the hunter even knew the deer was kept as a pet. That did not stop people from calling the hunter names and assuming his ethics and motivations for killing the deer.

I have not met or talked to the hunter, so I can not comment on his motives. I do not know if he saw the collar before the shot.

To keep things in perspective there will be approximately 5 million deer killed by hunters this season. Besides its coloring, this deer is no different than any of them.

The real blame lies with the veterinarian that decided to condition the deer towards human presents and remove its fear of humans. Deer are wild animals and should be kept wild. If that neer grew up in a natural environment it would have possed the defenses to avoid hunter. It would of at least had a fighting chance.

As far as I am concerned he killed a legal deer and hope his family enjoys many meals. I also hope that he gets the deer mounted to his beauty can live on for multiple generations.