Hunter Severely Burned By Hand Warmers

I know of a lot of hunters that have used the type of hand warmers that are activated by oxygen. They are very convenient and work fairly well, but you need to make sure you are paying attention to the warning labels. Failure to do so can result in severe burns.

James Beetem posted in the hunting group Camo Thug Outdoors about the incident he had with Hot Hand hand warmers.

Sorry guys. Haven’t been on in a few but have been sick felling a little better now. So will be out tomorrow. Hope to put one down. And had some depression going on for all of you that doesn’t know I had a lawsuit Against hot hands. And after a year my attorney dropped my case. I suffered 3rd degree burns on both feet last season from the toe warmers. And yes the package dose say not to put them on top of your feet. But I have done this for years and never had this happen ! But I sat in the woods for 3 hours and then my feet start to hurt really bad so I came home and had to go to the hospital. I had to go to a burn center for around 6 months ones a week for them to scrape out the burns. So iv been feeling down now suffer nerve damage. I had them on top of a really thick pair of socks with another pair on top. So my ?? Is don’t you think the same thing would have happened to the bottom of my feet

James Beetem
The initial Burns
After the blisters popped and they started healing
Still scared after a year

This is why it is important to read all labels. These warmers can reach temperatures of 150 degrees. So it is not advisable to put them in places like boot, that are hard to access if they do get too hot.

The instructions clearly state that they SHOULD NOT BE ON BARE SKIN UNDER A SOCK or PLACE ON TOP OF THE FOOT.

So Make Sure you read all warnings , especially if the are in all caps.