Hunter Shoots Charging Cat in the Face

NOTE: For protection of the hunter we have decided to keep the hunters identity hidden.  Anti-hunters have already sent threatening messages to us for just posting a photo.

A Montana hunter had a weekend he will not soon forget. While hunting elk the hunter was charged by a mountain lion. Lucky for him he came out of the incident unscathed, but the same thing can not be said for the cougar.

The photographic evidence shows that the quick acting hunter was able to deal the cat a devastating blow with one arrow through the center of the face. He credits muscle memory, practice, and the EZ V Sight for the amazing shot.

The hunter posted this following on his Facebook page following the incident.

Some of you may have seen my wife’s post…Opener weekend was crazy..first off, sad to have shot this cat but you must know…this was self defense, and pic could not be “prettied up” as Fish and Game was investigating…as I finished a set of cow calling for elk, I walked over and retrieved my decoy. As I returned to my bow and pack I caught movement ahead…CAT, running at me! I screamed at it, but it had no reaction. In just 1 second time, I dropped the decoy, grabbed my bow with an arrow still nocked (luckily), drew and raised the V of the EZ V Sight. As the shoulders of the cat filled the V I released…CRACK! And the cat veered and ran to the right. I grabbed my gear and scurried to my buddy a few hundred yard away to tell him what happened..

Once I gathered my thoughts, we trailed the blood and found the cat dead, amazed I had hit it square in the nose! CRAZY!

Immediately we called Fish and Game and they came out, investigated, and took the cat…no fault of mine, although dramatic and sad…
I will say, if I had any pin sight…if my mind said “how far” or “which pin”, I likely would not have survived..HONESTLY, the V saved my a running pace and at 16 yards…instinct took over…not to make this an EZ V commercial, but it simply is the fastest “bowhunting sight” ever built…no matter what the situation.

The next day had a better ending, taking a nice 5X5 elk with my buddy Jake…exhausting weekend, but very rewarding..

Wow! What a weekend. We are glad you are alright and congratulations on the elk.