Sometimes the hunter can turn into the hunted pretty quickly hunting in lion country. This hunter found himself in a dangerous situation and ended up having to use deadly force to protect himself.

You can tell the hunter did not want to pull the trigger and did everything in his power to avoid having to do but the leaping cat gave him no choice. He ended the encounter with a well-aimed shot to the head that dropped the young cougar in its tracks.

We found the video posted to the facebook group Hunting 4 Connections but are unsure if the person who posted the video is the person who is in the film. We are working on trying to find more information about the video.

We have written quite a few articles about mountain lion attacks a few years back Jim Shockey had to shoot a charging mountain lion that attacked him. Also, a man from Colorado became famous after he killed a mountain lion that attacked him with his bare hands.

Mountain lions are animals that should definitely be respected and if you plan on hunting in areas where they are prevalent you should bring a firearm or bear spray. Things could have been a whole lot worse for this guy if he would not have been able to put down the cat.