Hunter Sneaks Up to a Flock of Gobblers and Catches One {VIDEO}

I cannot count how many times I heard a non-hunter ask if I”caught” anything on a recent hunting trip. Usually, I just smile and say, “yes, I killed a deer” or “No, I did not kill one,” with just enough inflection to let them know that hunters don’t catch animals. We leave that to the fisherman. However, this turkey hunter can honestly answer the question with, “yeah I caught a turkey.”

When I turkey hunt, It seems like If I twitch a muscle wrong the turkey take off, but this guy is able to sneak in close.

Kyle Danial posted the following video to Facebook of a hunter sneaking up on a flock of Gobblers using a decoy to cover himself. He gets so close that he is able to snatch one up. I think they were distracted by the hen decoy they were humping and did not pay attention to the dude behind the fan.

Day unknown of COVID-19 2020, shells hard to come by, but a country boy can survive! Casey Grover running 🎥Insta: @buckcreek_farms @ctgrover88 #gettinafterem #turkeycatchchallange #kingofspring #coronachop #wtr20 #longbird #springthunder

Posted by Kyle Daniel on Tuesday, March 24, 2020