Hunter Steals Cellular Trail Cam and Leaves It on In His Bedroom! [PICTURES]

With trail cameras on almost every property, it has become hard for hunters to trespass. This year there have been hundreds of pictures circulating social media of trespassers, and dozens have been caught! New cellular trail cams are the next step in stopping poachers from hunting and stealing from landowners.

I came across a post on Facebook that was titled TRAIL CAM STOLEN and showed pictures of a man undressing in his bedroom. I immediately started laughing when I realized that a man had stolen a trail camera and left it on while bringing it into his bedroom. The thief has not been caught yet but they have some embarrassing pictures of the guy in his underwear.

*Update* The trail cam was a Snyper trail cam made by Snyper Hunting Products. Their new version has a GPS locator to catch people who steal them! This is a game changer for stolen trail cams. Many people will get caught stealing trail cams if the hunter can easily track the thief back to their house!

here is the post from Facebook

We had a trail cam stolen behind our house (practically our back yard), which means someone took what didn’t belong to them, PLUS trespassing, PLUS someone was to close to our house walking around that wasn’t invited!!!
This type of camera is a cell camera which sends pics to our phones. This man happened to turn it on in his bedroom and this is the photos that we got on our phones.
If you know who this man is please get in contact with me or David.

Image may contain: 1 person, bedroom and indoor

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor