Hunters’ Act of Kindness Bring a Woman to Tears

Act of Kindness 1It was just a $50 gift card, but it brought Melinie Lewis to tears.  It was a simple act of thoughtfulness that came at exactly the right time and it showed her the world still cared.

Melinie posted the following to her Facebook page.

Monday morning I woke up, got the kids ready, and was about to head off to work when out of my living room window I noticed a few trucks parked in the empty lot next door… I immediately knew they were my yearly bear hunters

They come every year and they park in the lot next door and they hunt the mountain (now I own a very large portion of the mountain and they are able to hunt basically the entire thing)

This year was a little different though because someone very strict bought the empty lot they always park in and does not want anyone parking or turning around over there.

So in fear of their trucks being towed I ran over and told them that the person who owned the lot would probably do just that or something else. I then offered that they just park over at my house and use my property to get on and off the mountain.

They did just that. Oddly enough the person that owns the empty lot pulled in just in time to see one of them walk through his yard and see the other 2 guys move their trucks to my driveway. That person then confronted myself and the bear hunters and demanded no one be on his property! I said ok, turned and smiled and winked at the bear hunters and got in my car to drive to work.

Today I came home to find this taped to my door.

Now I dont know these guys. I just know they are PA residence, one drives a blue pickup and one drives a red/maroon pickup, and I call them my bear hunters.

If this somehow gets to the bear hunters i want you to know something that you more than likely dont know… this is probably one of the toughest times I will ever have in my life. My 4 year old daughter is scheduled to have open heart surgery in just 3 weeks… I am doing everything I can to hold it together and at the same time trying to figure out how I am financially going to make it through 6-8 weeks of being off of work to care for her afterward. And you have NO IDEA how much $50 is to me right now and you graciously touched my heart

Thank you!

Hopefully this post can find these amazing bear hunters, so they can see that their little act of kindness made a huge impact on this ladies life. I also want to remember this sweet little girl in our prayers as she goes in for surgery.

You never know when you are going to be a blessing to somebody. It is sometimes the little things in life that cause big impacts. So always do your best to be kind and alway do your best to help to repay kindness and show your appriciation to those that help you.