Hunters and Butchers Shut Down Vegan Fest with BBQ

Over the past year French butchers have been the target of vegan activists. Their shops have been vandalized along with tons of online abuse. The butchers decided to strike back by planning a giant barbecue right in the middle of a huge vegan fest.

According to Yahoo News, the event that was supposed to take place in the city of Calais has been canceled by the city council out of concern for public safety. They stated that an alliance of butchers, hunters, and farmers planned a massive barbecue as a counter protest to the event, and the feared violence.

So far it has been radical non-meat eaters who have been on the offensive, vandalizing several butchers’ shops in the region and elsewhere in recent months, prompting the French federation of butchers to issue a plea for police protection.

The Calais mayor’s office said it had to ban the upcoming vegan event to “guarantee public safety” and to protect organizers and visitors from the “risk of an outbreak of public disorder.”

Farplace, the association that organized the Vegan festival, claimed on the event’s Facebook page that town hall officials had told it that “hunters and farmers had come together to make very clear threats about what might happen if the event was held.”

The head of the butchers’ federation in the region, Laurent Rigaud, said that if the festival had gone ahead, “We were ready to organize a big barbecue (in Calais), along with hunters, farmers, and restaurateurs.”

He said about 400 people had said they would turn out for the meat-eating event, but insisted that they would have remained peaceful. “We wanted to… show that we are not the violent ones, but that there are extremists among the vegans,” he told Le Figaro newspaper.

The vegans are currently looking for another venue to hold their vegan fest and it would not surprise me if the meat eaters follow. As long as the meat eater remain non violent (unlike the vegans) I have no problem with the tactic, do not let the vegans have a safe space until they stop the violence and bullying.