Hunters Shoot Over 2100 Pound Worth Of Wild Hogs in Less than 30 Seconds {VIDEO}

Like they say everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the wild pigs. Some pictures of some really massive hogs have been popping up online, but it has usually been just singles, this time an entire heard of gigantic pigs get taken down in seconds.

Ultimate Night Vision uploaded a series of videos from a hog hunt they participated in onto their Facebook page. They show a massive field filled with giants. They set out a plan for fire and executer it to perfection dropping all seven hogs in the field.

Four monster hogs – 437lbs, 431lbs, 349lbs, and 316lbs (7 out of 7 total) Footage through the Pulsar Thermal & NV Thermion XG50 and Nikon Z6 and Nikon 85mm F/1.4 lens

Their next video shows the weigh-in of the largest hog and he tips the scales at 437.8 pounds and the other hogs they shoot are not babies either they weigh 431, 349, 316, 302, and 273. There was one other in the field that they shot but they did not give the weight. Even without that one, they racked up 2,108 pounds of pigs.

Actual weight was 437.8lbs😲 Easily the most insane hunt I’ve ever experienced. Out of a single group of pigs the weights were 437.8, 431, 349, 316. We also shot two more that were 302 and 273. For context, before this year we had only weighed one pig larger than 300lbs. This year, prior to Thursday, we had shot 6 pigs over 300lbs. Then Thursday night we shoot 5 🤪

I don’t care who you are that’s a lot of bacon.

If you are in the market for any night vision accessories check out Ultimate Night Visions website. They have a great assortment of night vision devices. They also offer rentals so if you are down in Texas and want to do your own night hunt they have what you need.

Wild pigs are invasive and every year cause millions of dollars in damage across the country. It is hunts like these that attempt to keep their numbers in check, but it is not easy. Pigs reproduce quickly and it seems there are not enough hunters to keep up.