A Hunters Worst Nightmare! [HELP WANTED]

Andy May is a Mississippi hunter that loves running dogs, but his entire season would changed in one night!

Hunters grow very close to their hunting dogs throughout the entire year. After many long and successful hunts, he would wake up to find a horrific scene outside of his house.  Andy would no longer hunt with his beloved dogs ever again. Outside all 5 of his dogs were laying dead on the ground! They had been poisoned! There is still no word on who did it or why, but the community is on the lookout. here is his original post on Facebook.


Well what can you say or do when you wake up to this . To find 5 of your dogs dead . By some cowardly act of posin . People like this is what makes it bad for every one else !
Some one put this stuff out on the Hughy and Hope road to kill hunting dogs , my dogs .
I don’t bother people and try to help all that arms will reach .
So if there is any body knows anything please contact me (601-748-1273) a reward will be paid . A Large REWARD at the conviction of this person responsible.
I’m just sick sick sick over this !
Please share and any information is greatly appreciated!

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