Hunting With The 100 Yard Crossbow

Archery technology keeps advancing faster and faster. The first bows built by our early ancestors were deadly up to only a few dozen yards. As time went on archery technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Today accomplished archers like Camron Hanes, Aron Snyder, and John Dudley are capable of shooting accurately and even killing animals at 100 yards.

There are a lot of people that call them unethical taking shots that far, but these men have honed their craft and know their limits. They are by no means the typical archer, they are the cream of the crop.

But what if there was a product that could make the average archer just as accurate without all the practice. This past week Mission Crossbows just released a new crossbow that is capable of shooting sub-one inch groups at 100 yards.

Chris Berg of Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine attended the unveiling and gave us his thoughts on the product.

I attended a recent SUB-1 preview event at Mission headquarters in Wisconsin and did some long-range shooting with the crossbow. Despite a 15-mph crosswind, I had no trouble repeatedly hitting the vital area on a life-sized elk target at 100 yards. In fact, shooter after shooter effortlessly pounded the kill zone.

The rest of the article he wrote went into detail of how the bow was designed and all the new features and technology that led to the bows creation. It really is a modern marvel.

Just even mentioning a crossbow that can turn any man into a long distant killer is going to send some hunters off the deep end. There is already a healthy debate as to whether crossbows even belong in archery season.  This is just going to fan the flames.

I have already mentioned a few archers that can already achieve this level of accuracy with a compound, but like I also mentioned they have put in the work and it took tons of practice to get to that level.

Should the average person be able achieve that level with just opening a box? What role should new technology play in how we hunt? Is this bow too advanced and give the hunter an unfair advantage? Is this new bow going to cause more hunters to take unwise shots and risk the wounding of more animals? These are all hard questions to answer and I do not pretend to have all the answers.

I have a feeling tack driving accuracy in a compound or crossbow out to 100 yards plus is going to become more prevalent. Technology is not going to slow down. In the end we all have to make our own decisions as to what to ethical and right.

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