Hunting Company to Stop sale of ARs. Will Boycott Work?

Earlier today Dicks sporting goods announced that they will no longer sell assault-style rifles, high capacity magazines, and will no longer sell to anyone under the age of 21.

They have also decided that they will ask our government officials to pass the most radical gun laws being talked about including a ban on assault rifles. This was already done in 2012, and is now being pushed to all 35 Field and Stream stores run by the company.

Many are ready to boycott Dicks, and I don’t blame them. Dicks is trying to affect my life by lobbying congress to limit my second amendment freedoms. This is one of the only things that will get me to participate in a boycott. We have one major problem. Hunters said they would boycott in 2012 after banning ARs from Dicks stores and did not follow through. Dicks Share price plummeted last summer when they reported that their hunting sales were way down. we have them on the ropes already but this boycott will only be effective if we stick to our guns! (side note that was a great pun)

Most hunting is out of season right now and sales of all hunting and shooting equipment will be down. If you are going to be part of this boycott don’t shop there out of convenience! Most boycotts fail because our attention span is very short. Will we forget like we did in 2012 or will we stand up for our gun rights? Actions speak louder than words and money is a very loud action.

here is there official statement

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