Hunting Guide Deals with Sexual Harassment and Defamation

Beverly Louise from She’s Wild Outdoors is an up and coming female hunting guide and pro staff, from Canada. She has been hunting Since the age of two and received her guide certificate a couple of years ago. She also has a fundamental social media presence that has boomed recently due to her accomplishments and sponsorships in the hunting industry.

Everything was going fine up until recently, then Beverly had some major accusations thrown her way. She has been accused of not being a real hunter and being a fraud for likes and status on social media.

We were made aware of the accusations after we posted an updated list of the Top 17 Hottest Huntresses. It was right after that, we received an anonymous email that accused Beverly of not being a hunting guide, posing with animals that are not hers, and posing with animals multiple times to make it seem like she kills more than she does. We were asked to take her off our list because she was “just a cook.”

We reached out to Beverly to get her side of the story. She immediately knew who the anonymous email was from, an outfitter she used to work for. According to Beverly this is not the first time he has gone out of his way to make slanderous statements about her. She then told us her side of the story along with pictures and text messages to back it up. Also stating the police have been involved numerous times. She has asked us to keep the name of the outfitter anonymous due to ongoing legal actions.

Beverly told us that she worked with this particular outfitter during the 2018 season, everything went smoothly that year and she was asked to come back for the 2019 season. Between seasons most of the outfitter’s staff quit. She did not know why but had her speculations due to the way he had treated his staff.

Beverly ended up being his only employee. He asked her to take on extra responsibilities while he hired more staff. She agreed, thinking it would only be for a week or two. He stated to Beverly that he had another guide lined up but after a couple weeks the guide refused to work. He made these claims on several occasions. Being the only staff, it left Beverly going to town to pick up literally tons of bait, setting baits, guiding hunts, tracking bears, skinning bears, cooking meals, and doing paperwork. All the work was left for her to do. After a few weeks of strenuous labor and long hours things started to take a turn for the worst. It was then that She started hearing rumors from the clients that the owner was telling everyone that she was his girlfriend, and she was sleeping with him.

When Beverly confronted the outfitter about the rumors, she was told if the rumors did not become reality she would have to leave. After she refused his advances he became extremely irate. He was swearing at her and yelling at her to get her ass out of his house. Feeling threatened and violated, Beverly packed her bags and left at 2:30 in the morning. Unfortunately having to leave the owner without a guide or a cook and forcing him to refund money to multiple hunters, who he could not take hunting. She did not want to leave the owner or hunters with ruined hunts but she felt like she had no choice due to the situation.

Beverly told us that the outfitter has continued to harass her since her departure and has been doing his best to defame her in any way possible. She is currently working with law enforcement to deal with him. We have reached out to the Outfitter after talking to Beverly but he has not responded to our inquires. The police have apparently called him several times, and also left him multiple voicemails. He has ignored them as well.

While there are clear examples of women in the hunting industry relying on their look and not skill to gain fame and a social media following. This is not the case with Beverly, she is the real deal and an accomplished hunter.

Hunting is a male-dominated sport and I am certain that this is not the only case of sexual harassment that has happened in the industry. My family is full of lady hunters. My mom, grandma, sisters, and a handful of female cousins hunt with us every year and it pains me to think about how they might be treated by lesser men.

I would like to call on all hunters to treat everyone with respect. All hunters should have the opportunity to excel based on their own merit. There is no room for sexism and harassment. We should all stand up for what is right and demand others do the same.

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corrections: the outfitter contacted us and said he did not see the email we sent him. He has contacted us and claims the allegations are not true.