Hunting Product that is Ripping You Off!

Trophy Rock All Natural Mineral Lick | Standish Milling Company

I have come across many products recently that are ripping off hunters. While some are just products that do not work, Others can be purchased much cheaper. I will be writing reviews on these products weekly, so stay tuned

This product is one that works quite well but can be purchased for a fraction of the price. I started using Trophy Rocks 5 years ago to get an idea of what bucks were in the area. It cost $16-$20 for a 22 lb or $13 for a 13 lb rock. They even come with a fancy label that is marketed towards hunters, with a buck on the front, stacked in a wooden bin, and pictures of monster bucks. The same company ( Redmonds Salt Company) will press the same product into a block that is labeled trace mineral. This will cost you $$6.49 for 44 lbs. If you still want the fancy package, I have a better idea. If you buy the crushed Trophy Rock, it will cost you $18.50 for 30 lbs. I find that it works just as well as the rock at a lower price.


Companies will slap a fancy label on a product with pictures of big bucks to market towards hunters. If we think it gives us an advantage, we will throw our money away, chasing the dream of a big buck. I now use the trace mineral in front of my trail cams. I think it is an excellent way to inventory bucks in my hunting area. I hope this helps everyone save a little money this year.