Hunting is Safer than Golf: NSSF Release Annual Safety Report


The National Shooting Sports Foundation released their annual Firearms-related Accident Statistics report last week. Some of the findings were pretty interesting. It showed that hunting was one
of the safest sporting activities a person can participate in.

The NSSF report found that only Billiards was a safer sport. The injury rate for pool players comes in at 15 per 100,000 participants. Hunting with a firearm ranks second at 38 injuries per 100,000. Golfers had injury rates at 200 per 100,000, baseball players 1,019 per 100,000, and 5,127 per 100,000 football players. Hunting is even safer then fishing, that had 196 injuries per 100,000. I bet most of those were people being impaled with fish hooks.

This might surprise people, but to most hunters it does not come as a shock. From day one safety is always preached. We understand that we are operating deadly weapons and extra caution must be taken. The data shows that these safety lessons have been taken to heart. Stay safe out there this hunting season and good luck