Hunting Stoned: Two Squirrel hunters charged after ‘stalking squirrels’ while high.

Two Pennsylvania men have been accused of hunting squirrels while high on Marijuana.

On Jan 27, Pennsylvania game warden Harold L. Cole filed charges against Douglas Litz and Bryan Poust, alleging smoked weed before going squirrel hunting. The men admitted to getting stoned then hunting on Sept. 17 when a local game warden stopped them.

Complaints came in at a parking lot on public hunting land that a minivan smelled like weed, and two men had gone hunting. A glass pipe, neon orange clothing, and shotgun shells were also visible in the vehicle registered to Poust.

The men were returning to the van after not getting any squirrels and were met by Warden Geril Schoonmaker. They admitted to getting high before the hunt and said they were returning to get a .22 in place of the shotgun they were using.

Police chief James Dorman of the Muncy arrived and received consent to search the car, discovering a blue and white glass pipe, a small bag of marijuana, wrapping papers and a small bag of blue pills suspected to be DayQuil.

Litz, 32, and Poust, 34, have both been charged with one ungraded misdemeanor count of hunt/fur take under the influence of a controlled substance, use/possession of drug paraphernalia, and two summary counts of commission regulations violated.

Poust was also charged with two ungraded misdemeanor counts of DUI for a controlled substance.