Hunting ‘Super Genious’ Develops Groundbreaking Algorithm to Predict Deer Movement on ANY Property

A new groundbreaking algorithm has been developed by a couple of ‘Super Genious hunters’ that will predict deer movement on any property. This algorithm uses the old-school hunting techniques and combines them with new technology, and by their powers combined it will help you hunt the best spots on your property every time.

Our grandpa used to write down everything he would see while hunting in a journal. When I started hunting with him he had hundreds of pages of hunts recorded. The problem was all that data was mostly inaccessible because of the sear volume and the fact that it was on paper.

Now imagine being able to access all of that data at the push of a button? Now you can with a free app. You enter in the data like you would a normal journal and it keeps track of weather and wind direction and over time you will build a substantive database of information

With that information, the app uses a state of the art algorithm that will project the best places for you to hunt based on weather, wind, and historical data from any property you have been hunting. This takes out the human error of remembering all the details of your previous hunts.

This app is called Trophy Tracks and is a very new product. Here at The Hunting News, We have personally been testing it all year along using a team of hunters that we trust.

This app’s overall feel is that it is simple to use and works better than other hunting apps because it is customized to the property you are hunting with actual data you know is accurate. Other apps help you know when to hunt or what wind to hunt, this app gives you a personalized experience because every property is different.

You can download the app here. If you use the app, please send us what you think of it so we can update this post. Also, let other hunters know about it and how well it works.