Hunting TV Host Sent Cease-and-Desist from Attorney General’s Office

Team Fitzgerald is known for their television program “Team Fitzgerald Vintage County Lifestyle.” The father-son duo sells hunting equipment along with guided hunting trips. Michigan Attorney General Nana Nessels office has sent them a Cease-and-Desist order for its failure to fulfill customer’s purchases of products and services.

Over 70 complaints have been filed with the Better Bussiness Bureau and the attorney general’s office over the last year. These complaints are based on the companies failure to:

  • Ship purchased products to consumers in a timely fashion, if at all;
  • Deliver guided hunts and services as advertised and expected by consumers;
  • Satisfy contractual obligations after accepting payment from businesses seeking sponsorships; and
  • Properly address customer requests for refunds. Customers have reported seeking refunds from the company, but those requests were met with silence, subterfuge or hostility, as Team Fitzgerald allegedly blocked the consumers’ email addresses, phone numbers or social media accounts. 

“The Michigan Consumer Protection Act provides this office with the tools and authority to pursue reimbursements and other corrective action on behalf of consumers who have been taken advantage of, including legal action if necessary,” Nessel said. “Numerous complaints have been made about this company and its failure to deliver on costly hunting-related trips and products sold to consumers and businesses, and my office will aggressively seek justice as we determine the full extent of any wrongdoing.” 

At least one customer has reported being threatened with legal action from Team Fitzgerald after they reported them to the attorney general’s office.

If you have a complaint against Team Fitzgerald the best thing to do is fill out a form with the Michigan attorney general’s office.