Hunting TV personality catches trail cam thief using new technology!

My friend Doug Deharpart is the host of the hunting TV show Created Outdoors. I grew up right down the road from him in Norton Ohio. Like many of us have experienced, he had a trail camera stolen from him. This time it did not end well for the thief!

Doug was using a Spypoint cellular trail camera that sends pictures to his phone. He received pictures of the thief and was able to be at the location with the police in 12 minutes! Although the criminal was gone, Doug got there before he could take his treestand. A little while later his trail camera popped up on Facebook marketplace where police tracked down the criminal and place him in jail!

Created Outdoors is a show on Carbon TV that focuses on God and hunting. If you enjoy hunting TV I strongly suggest you check it out and follow Created Outdoors on Facebook!

here is the live video Doug did explaining what happened.