Hunting”Guide” Steals Thousands From Hunters Across the Country

Theodore Eddings Is a self proclaimed hunting guide out of Missouri. He was running a YouTube channel to promote his guide business that did not exist. So far, the police have found 9 hunters that have been ripped off for more that $25,000 buy Eddings.

Mike Marsden lives in Florida. He told Republic Police about his experience. A few months ago, he paid Eddings $4,000 for a 2019 deer hunt trip. Marsden says once Eddings had the money, he was hard to reach.

“A deer outfitter anywhere in the world does not go on vacation in November. Especially in Missouri when it’s opening rifle. So we knew we were in bad shape. It was about a month and half after we paid, we noticed the Facebook page had disappeared. That’s when we threw a red flag,” Marsden said.

“In this case, we have victims from all over the country,” said Lt. Jamie Burks with the Republic Police Department.

Always be sure to talk to other hunters before paying money to a guide. This seems to happen at least once a year, and it could be prevented. There are a lot of great guides out there if you do your research.