Huntress Beats Cancer! Has Inspirational Words for Everyone

Since starting this website, I have come across many inspirational people. I have talked with blind hunters, hunters that are in wheelchairs, and now a cancer survivor. Malinda Tharp Goins was diagnosed with breast cancer, and unable to hunt. She never gave up, and with the help of her family she was able to harvest 2 bucks this year. Now that her bow is sited in, she will be going out to fill a doe tag next week. While talking to her she said somthing that really stuck out to me ” I needed hunting. My husband taught me there is more than the harvest. It will feed your soul like no other. I want people to enjoy old school hunting not who can shoot the biggest bucks. And when necessary face obstacles head on. Life is worth fighting for!”


This is directly from Malinda

I have been hunting for about 20 years or so. I enjoy hunting with my husband and I teaching our daughter’s to hunt. But we were hit with my diagnosis of Breast Cancer in April of this year.My family rallied around me and we began the battle. Having to have a port inserted (on the right side of my chest) for chemo I was not allowed to pull my bow back or shoot a gun. It was a battle I was going to win but I knew it would effect my life daily. I fought through 6 months of treatments and did wonderful. Following all recommendations from my doctors. Well I saw my chance. I no longer needed my port in November so I asked for it to be removed early so I could shoulder my gun. They all laughed when I told them why but agreed to remove it earlier than normal. I recovered and here I am. Back in the woods doing what I LOVE. When you have a hunting passion and just hanging in a treestand feeds your soul, you dig deep and fight. I am stronger than ever but still have alot of obstacles to get over but I am back in the woods! It is just a little cooler with no hair LOL. But i am blessed by GOD and Loving Life!!!


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