Huntress Beats Charging Wild Boar with Shotgun (VIDEO)

I have seen pretty crazy boar hunting videos come out of Europe, but none are as crazy as this one out of what I believe is Italy. Which I am basing on what language people are telling me is being spoken. A boar comes crashing through the brush and changes this lady hunter who shoots at it but it just keeps coming.

She ends up having to beat the pig with her shotgun to get it to stop attacking her. She does not appear to be hurt from the encounter and it is hard to tell if she hit the pig with any of her shots. Possibly with the first and third but the second looks like a clean miss. The only thing I am certain of is that it could have been a whole lot worse.

Those pigs can be extremely dangerous. They have been known to injure a number of hunters every year and I do believe some hunters have even have been killed while hunting them.

The video was posted to Facebook by Diamond Z Outdoors and they say they got the video from an Austrian friend but say the woman in the video is Italian. That is all we know. I don’t speak Italian so I do not know what she is saying but she is probably having a come to Jesus moment. I know I would.