Huntress Bullied Online by Anti-Hunting Group

Huntress who was targeted by Prairie Protection Colorado

Back in December, Franchesca Esplin posted photos from a successful mountain lion hunt on her Facebook page. Fast forward to February, the group Prairie Protection Colorado took issue with the photos in essence because she seemed too happy in them.

According to Yahoo News, the executive director of Prairie Protection Colorado, Deanna Meyer called and the hunt a “trophy kill.” According to Meyer, a “trophy kill” is defined as the “complete glee and elation [expressed by hunters] at the kills that they’ve performed.”

Esplin with her big tom and extra commentary by Prairie Protection Colorado

Meyer went on to say it went against the ethical means of hunting, which she defined as only for survival and food. (Note Mountain Lion is delicious and there is no indication that it was not eaten.)

Prairie Protection Colorado posted the photos to their Facebook page and the comments are nasty. They call Esplin a “sick witch” and also saying she displayed “pure psychopathic evil,” Plus a lot of other disgusting comments.

Of course the group claims that they were not specifically targeting Esplin, but it is pretty evident by the comments and the follow up posts that they are.

Why do groups like, Prairie Protection Colorado, always seem to target female hunter? It is like they are inherently sexist and target a lady assuming she is weak. Female hunters definitely receive more hate than their male counterparts. I have examples HERE HERE and HERE.

The truth is all wildlife populations need to be controlled including predators, and hunting has proven time and time again to be affective way of doing it. Wildlife should be managed by science and not emotion and bullying.