Huntress Defends Hunting While Battling Death Threats

Sammi Lee is a young huntress in New Zealand. She loves to post pictures of the animals she kills on social media. Like many others in the hunting industry, she has started receiving death threats.

Sammi Lee has not backed down to the anti-hunters that are sending her death threats. she said “Hunting is about either spending time with your mates or taking a walk through the bush by yourself to get away from the world a little. Everyone sees it as “disgusting” or “horrible” but it’s not.”

She went on to talk about eating what she shoots. saying there is nothing better than wild game in her eyes.

‘I’ve had people tell me to go kill myself, I’ve had people try to find any photo they can of a dead animal and try getting it removed from my Instagram. 

‘I’ve had people comment in languages I don’t understand with angry faces and everything, but you just ignore them because they have nothing better to do than be a keyboard warrior.’ 

This young lady has the proper perspective on hunting. Do not back down to anti-hunters, but explain why we should eat what we kill. non-hunters are watching, and Sammi Lee did a great job of representing hunters across the world.