In Block Buster Move the Hunting News buys DeLong Lures

Delong Lures is the oldest soft plastic lure company that started in 1946, knows for its hand-poured custom bass and musky lures. In a huge move, has purchased the legendary company to grow it online and through social media. You can check out their online store here.

a look at some of their rigged and unrigged bass lures from their website

A chemist named David Delong started Delong lures 75 years ago and changed fishing forever. Delong was also the first person to put scent in his lures. While many people today do not use scent lures due to cost, Delong is committed to continuing the formula proven to work for 75 years.

The hunting news was started after three cousins filmed a hunt of their grandma shooting a deer during archery season at 80 years old. They grew a huge Facebook following that delivered over 1 million people to their website monthly. But with social media continuing to crack down on hunting a fishing content, the 3 knew they needed something that the social media bros could not control.

Delong Lures is now in full production in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Since the company was shut down for the last 10 years, many people could not get their favorite fishing lures. Ask any old-time fisherman about Delong, and many of them are sure to get excited to see this great American company back in business!

A look at Delong’s world-famous Musky Lures