Inked Huntress Receives Hate From Anti-Hunters

It seems like not a day goes by that anti-hunters are not trying to bully a hunter. They have no knowledge of why we hunt and what our motivations are. This past week they put Jacine Jadresko in their sights. She just appeared in an episode of the fifth estate’s “The Hunter and The Hunted.” She now says she is getting over 200 death threats a day.

In a CBC Canada interview Jadresko states that, she is an ethical hunter and sees hunting as a form of wildlife conservation. But that has not protected her from the vile hatred that the anti-hunters just love to pour out. “Things so vile as people telling me they’re going to kidnap my son and I and they’re gonna skin him alive and hang him from a tree.” Jadresko said she thinks part of the reason she gets so much online hate is because she’s a woman.

“I think if people saw a picture of a man and he had just finished cleaning out the animal, he had blood all over him, they’d be like, “Oh you know, whatever.” But because I’m a woman and I have my hair in pigtail braids, they just feel this extra shock that it’s a woman doing these things.”

These critics have not deterred her at all. She says that the hate just encourages her to hunt more. She wrote on her Instagram account. “The more you hate, the more I kill.”

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