Interesting Things Can Be Seen In The Wild

I am just speculating, but I do not think Mark is a hunter.

He doesn’t seem to know much about deer. Although he did notify the local DNR office about this deer and this is the response he received back:

“Hi Mark,
Thank you for sending the interesting video. Our DNR Veterinarian says that it “looks like it might have injured the horn pedicle on that right side so that the horn is no longer growing as it should. And it looks like the deer is still in velvet, in which case, it could actually be a hematoma (large clot of blood) forming at the “hanging” end.”

It is difficult to say what may happen with the antler. It may end up with no antler on that side or a severely deformed one. The hematoma, if that is what it is, may eventually go away or decrease. If you see it later this year and can send a follow up photo or video it would be interesting to follow. Unless the injury is infected the deer will likely be OK. (his buddies may just laugh at him).”


Nancy ********

Nancy ******,CVT, M.S.
Wildlife Health Lab Manager