Is it acceptable to hunt hogs with tannerite? [VIDEO]

It seems there is no limit on what people will accept when it comes to killing hogs. If this were done to a deer or a bear there would be massive outrage. Wild hogs are overpopulating in many areas, and they cause a lot of damage to crops. Does this mean we should kill them by any means necessary?

I hesitate to post this video because it could come across as unethical to some. I also understand the desperation of farmers in areas where these hogs are ruining people’s way of life.

Hogs are killed in many other ways that would not be acceptable if it were done to other species. We would not accept shooting deer with a machine gun from a helicopter or trapping an entire family of bears at one time. There seems to be different standards for different animals.

What is your thought on this video? does it cross a line for you?