Jim Shockey Explains the “commercial” side of Social Media in the Outdoor Industry

Jim Shockey has been making hunting TV shows longer than anyone in the history of outdoor TV. He is well-read and articulates the more nuanced points about hunting and the hunting industry.

I read every Jim Shockey post and listen to his perspective to further educate myself as I become more involved in the industry. I hope to one day meet him and ask him some questions (I added that sentence in case you are reading this hint hint)

Jim Shockey explained yesterday some of the finer points about the commercial side of the outdoor industry. Below you can read his statement.

With over a million people signed up to receive my posts now, I want to be totally transparent about the “commercial” side of Social Media “influencing.”
This post will help answer questions like the one above AND, on a self-serving note, will hopefully dispel any thoughts some might have about my being “bought-and-paid-for” by companies I am aligned with.
Here is the way Social Media works.
1) It is the new kid on the block, taking “eyeballs” (yours and mine) away from traditional outlets for creative content, TV and Magazines.
2) With a million followers, the going rate for one “commercial” post, IF I was a mainstream “Influencer” and was NOT part of the “Outdoor Industry,” would be approximately $5000-$10,000 PER post.
3) Our beloved “Outdoor Industry” in general, does not yet equate Social Media “reach” metrics, with real $$.
4) So because I am IN the Outdoor Industry, I do not get paid DIRECTLY to post about the companies I believe in.
5) Those companies do however, for the most part, buy advertising time on my new TV show, “Shock Therapy,” and as a way to thank them, I will often, but not always include one post per month, as added value for their support of our TV production.
There are no strings attached to me. Those companies cannot tell me what to post. That is my choice, under my creative control.
Which all serves to bring me around to several fundamental facts that we ALL need to understand.
1) The support of these companies enables me (and others like Lee and Tiffany, The Bone Collectors and Cody Robbins, to name a few) to provide you with QUALITY creative content. The Outdoor TV shows you love watching, are ONLY THERE because of the commercial support of Outdoor Industry companies who support that programming.
2) The exact same applies to Social Media posts. It takes time to provide quality content to all of you, and it is those Outdoor Industry companies that enable people like me to post and interact with you.
3) I personally have the luxury to pick and choose TO WORK ONLY with great companies that produce great products. This is not to say other competing company’s products are not good, but it is to say that I like and believe in the companies I support. So please don’t take my opinions personally if you choose to use competing products.
4) As I am proud to support those companies that support our Outdoor lifestyle, I give far more promotion to those companies than I promised them. My bad. Sorry. My choice. Not theirs. And I do it voluntarily, without compensation.
5) This is most important:
From the very beginning of my career in the Outdoor Industry, I made it clear to ALL the companies I worked with that I would not be “wagged” and that the viewers (you) were most important to me. I made it clear that I would provide quality, thought-provoking and entertaining content FIRST AND FOREMOST. And that their “advertising” needs would always take a second seat to providing the best content to YOU.
Which means, when you see a post from me that mentions a company or product, rather than go the negative route and get your undies all knotted up, and then try to discredit my messaging by saying or implying that “He’s getting paid to say that,” please understand, the more you and I support these companies, the stronger the Outdoor Industry will be!
My apologies. Hopefully, a few of you actually got this far down this long post! Let me know if you did. I’m curious how many of you actually read what I write!

Well Jim, I read what you write!