Jim Shockey Has Words About the Firearms Registry Bill

Firearms Registry

Jim Shockey is one of the most influential main stream hunters that has ever lived. He is not afraid to voice his opinions. His political views are quite simple. He cares about the issues that affect conservation, hunters, and gun owners more than any other issues. The latest issue he has looked into is the Canadian Firearms Registry.

Mr. Shockey voiced his opinion loud and proud on his Facebook page. Asking hunters and gun owners to sign a petition against the Canadian Firearms Registry.

He is what Shockey had to say:

“This will be a long one.

I don’t live in Quebec, Canada, but I do own firearms and I am a hunter…and when I see a government of the “people” bullying my fellow citizens, firearms owners and hunters, I cannot in good conscience stand by and let it happen.

Years ago, the ill-conceived and ill-begotten Canadian federal long-gun firearm registry, was abolished by a common sense Conservative government. They pointed out that the $2,000,000,000 (TWO BILLION DOLLAR) cost incurred to that point, had done zero to decrease violent crime in Canada. It was a shameful debacle, a waste of taxpayer dollars and could reasonably be construed as an attack on law abiding citizens of Canada. An attack on us.

Unfortunately the records gathered from that $2 billion dollar expenditure were not destroyed, they were simply “sealed” as I understand it.

And now it appears that the Quebec provincial government has managed to access this “sealed” information and is about to reinstate the long gun registry on a provincial basis. Which means, IF THEY SUCCEED with their firearm registry, other far left leaning provinces of Canada will follow suit in short order…logic would say British Columbia’s socialesque government, will be first in line.

Be forewarned, if the Quebec government succeeds in their goal to have long gun firearms registered, they will not make the same mistakes the Federal Government made the first go around, this time they will pass the costs onto legal firearms owners and there is every indication that the costs will be prohibitive. British Columbia’s provincial government would do the same. The cost to legally own and legally use a firearm, will force many law abiding citizens of Quebec and other provinces who follow Quebec’s lead, to turn their firearms in to the authorities or destroy them or if they are able to find buyers, to sell them at greatly discounted prices.

This isn’t fear mongering. This is coming to your neighborhood soon.

Likely you do not live in Quebec, or even Canada, so it’s easier to click the “Next” button and go about your daily life…but I am asking you to take the next five minutes to support your fellow firearms owners and hunters, who are in a battle to protect OUR way of life…YOUR way of life.

Sign the petition.

We law abiding hunters and firearm owners, as a group, tend to avoid conflict of opinion. We tend to live and let live. We are tolerant of other views and ideas. These are noble attributes. God forbid that we ever become intolerant of other people’s legal lifestyle choices. That would be wrong. God forbid that we ever force our way of life on another fellow human being. That would be wrong.

But NOT to stand up to a bully? NOT to help a friend in need?

That is also wrong.”

If you are a hunter, gun owner, or do not support the Canadian Firearms Registry than please show Jim and the people of Quebec your support and sign the petition.

The petition can be found HERE