Jim Shockey Goes Off On Anti-Gun Politicians with Epic Call to Action

Jim Shockey is the most respected name in hunting, and when he speaks all hunters should listen. He has a “no guff” attitude that lays out the truth in such a way that everyone that hears takes notice.

In an absolutely epic Facebook post, Jim destroys the anti-gun politicians of the Canadian government and call for all Canadian gun owners to unite and sign a petition to help protect their way of life.

This call to action is not just for Canadians, it is a wake-up call for all law-abiding gun owners. Our rights are under attack in both Canada and the United States and what Jim says applies to every one of us.

From Jim Shockey’s Facebook Page:

This will be a really long one.

First off, this is not intended to “incite” but it is intended to “motivate.”

Second, my apologies if you think this photo looks in any way aggressive. It is just a photo of me happily checking out the new Christensen Arms .338 Lapua rifle I ordered last week at the Dallas Safari Club Convention.

Third, while it IS a call to action for ALL my fellow Canadian firearms owners to stand united and sign the petition that more than 100,000 honest, law-abiding Canadian citizens have already signed, IT IS NOT A CALL FOR ANY OTHER ACTION.

Everyone else is welcome to read on to see what happens when you give political power to arrogant Ideologues, who hold in contempt, anyone who does not fit into the Orwellian Urban World Order (OUWO) they have created in their narrow minds.

In fact, please read on, even if you are not Canadian or not a firearm owner, to see to what incredible extent “intolerant” people with power, will go to, to promulgate their prejudices under the specious guise of “MAKING CANADIANS SAFER.”

Here is the fact of the matter: OUR CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER, with his urban-centric MINORITY government, is ATTACKING honest, law-abiding, mostly rural, patriotic firearms owners AGAIN!

And frankly, I have to say I’m personally fed up with, constantly, during every year of this Prime Minister’s reign of power, having to submit to his degrading and insulting insinuations, that because I own firearms, I am SOMEHOW A CRIMINAL! THAT I AM SOMEHOW A THREAT TO THE SAFETY OF OTHER CANADIAN CITIZENS!

Honesty, I’m sick and tired of being cast as a lowlife gun-owning syncopate nut bar, who is obviously lower and more of a threat to society, in our Prime Minister’s OUWO mind, than real criminals! Then real gangsters!

Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself this, what has this Prime Minister done to TAKE ILLEGAL FIREARMS AWAY FROM REAL CRIMINALS???


Yet he’s about to pass an ORDER IN COUNCIL to take more of our legally owned, legally purchased, legally used firearms away! And he’s willing to pay upwards of $250 MILLION of our taxpayer dollars to do that!!

Where is the common sense today?

Imagine the good that much money could do if it was allocated to programs actually designed to make Canadian citizens like you and I safer!

Imagine if that much funding was infused into education! Into our law enforcement agencies? Into long term social work that redirects susceptible youth away from criminal careers and towards productive, law-abiding lives.

But no. Our Prime Minister wants to invade the homes and lives of honest, law-abiding, patriotic firearm owners like you and I, and take more of OUR legally owned firearms away AGAIN!

MAKE NO MISTAKE, he and his henchmen, will be coming to take the rest of your firearms away next. Your grandfather’s double-barrel shotgun. Your lever action 30-30 deer gun. Even your pellet gun you use for plinking! All in the name of “making Canada a safer place!”

More importantly, read between the lines, this Minority Prime Minister, and those who support him, don’t just want our firearms gone…they want you gone. They want me gone. They want OUR WAY OF LIFE GONE!

We are not like them. We didn’t vote for them. We don’t support the same ideologies as them and obviously, because of his sophistic argument that he is “making Canada a safer place,” this PRIME MINISTER considers ALL of firearms owners to be CRIMINALS!

So, here is the call to action.

WE ABSOLUTELY MUST STAND TOGETHER and put a stop to his pathetic political pandering.

The Police Chiefs Organization has come out firmly on this topic, they have pointed out that taking legally owned firearms away from law-abiding citizens, mostly residing in Rural areas of Canada, will NOT make Canadians safer.

So, what can you do?



There are already 102,000 Canadians who have signed this online petition and when we reach 135,000 by February 15, THIS WILL BE THE LARGEST NUMBER OF CANADIANS TO HAVE EVER SIGNED AN ONLINE PETITION!

Even our pretty Prime Minister will be able to read the writing on the wall and while it’s doubtful he will understand the ramifications of so many Canadians, standing united against his overbearing actions, he WILL turn to his puppeteer masters and ask what he should do.

They will TELL him to “BACK OFF.”

BACK OFF AND LEAVE ALL OF US HONEST, LAW ABIDING, PATRIOTIC CITIZENS OF CANADA ALONE TO ENJOY THEIR WAY OF LIFE and hopefully they will add a suggestion that our Prime Minister enact common-sense laws that actually do something to make Canadians safer!

(Don’t hold your breath for that last part to happen.)

Sign the petition.

Sign the petition now and show these arrogant people in their Minority Government, that they cannot continue to trample on us, simply to appease those Urbanites who are afraid of ALL guns and who support our Prime Minister’s bigoted actions.

Sign the petition.

If you are one of our Canadian followers please sign the petition.

If you are one of our American followers please work hard to keep our politicians accountable and make your voice heard at election time.