Jim Shockey talks about conservation and Donald Trump Jr.

I will never forget watching Jim Shockey with my grandpa on his VHS. He is the biggest name in hunting for me. He is all about conservation and promoting the positive impacts that hunting has in North America and around the world.

When Jim Shockey has something to say we listen! He recently talked about Donald Trump Jr. and some recent criticism he faced for hunting.

here is his recent Facebook post

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This will be a long one.

Please meet my friend Don Jr.

All those who are willing to accept a simple statement of fact for what it is and for those who may have different political leanings than my friend, but who are tolerant of others with differing opinions, please feel free to scroll on to whomever else you follow on social media.

But for those of you reading this, who will not be able to control your hatred and vitriol…I have some questions.

First off, why is that?

What is the reason, you won’t be able to stop yourself from writing ugly and vile comments about my friend and his family.

It is fascinating to me, to see human nature, so base, displayed so passionately, with so little truth to back up the appalling comments. I know this man. You do not. And yet…

You will be incapable of stopping your hateful response, incapable of accepting that there are many of us who know this man, and respect this man and you’ll already be composing your comment, designed to hurt my friend and disgrace his family.

Did I call it?

So I’m curious, why do you hate so profoundly? All I said, was that Don Jr is my friend, but somehow that comment alone is enough to trigger the hatred. Seriously. Why is that so?

I posted a photo three years ago and your bile rose. Rigged election you screamed. Jail you said. Just wait for it you promised.

I posted a photo two years ago, simply stating that Don Jr was my friend and again you screamed Russia and collusion and improprieties.

I posted a photo last year of my friend Don Jr and you screamed poaching and night hunting for sheep in Mongolia.

As I said, it’s fascinating to see how deeply you hate and how vehemently you want to believe and convince others that you are somehow justified in spreading your nastiness.

Night hunting for Wild sheep! Really?? That is simply bizarre to me. Impossible and frankly as dumb a comment as I’ve heard about my friend.

Again I ask, why? Is it because you can’t accept that Don Jr’s father is the President of the United States of America?

Listen, I’m Canadian. I have no right to get involved in your politics, so I don’t, but my friends are still my friends and from my perspective, the way you hate my friend, when you have never met my friend, is strange to me. Unfair.

So just to give you a little insight into my friend’s character, here is a sequence of events, facts about my friend Don Jr.

1) Don hunted with me in the Yukon several years ago.
2) Don paid full price.
3) Don backpacked for the entire 10-day hunt
4) Don carried more than his fair share of the gear.
5) Don never complained
6) Don worked hard and did not expect any special treatment
7) Don carried his own sheep off the mountain
8) Don rebooked with us and paid full price for the second hunt
9) Don’s father decided to run for office, so Don has to cancel his hunt
10) Don called me and apologized for having to cancel and did not ask for, or expect his non-refundable deposit back

It’s just an example of his character and yes I realize it won’t be enough to change the hate you feel roiling inside, but anyone out there with a modicum of tolerance and open mindedness, might just say to themselves…hmmm.

And maybe those people might not be so quick to condemn.

Wouldn’t that be nicer than hating?

Donald Trump Jr.